Wallpaper becomes contemporary and a must in jewelry stores

Thinking of wallpaper brings to our mind the idea of a retro style from the ‘70s, with the problems that we have all always attributed to this furnishing material.

Well, forget about that wallpaper.

If old style wallpaper is out of fashion, the need to decorate interior walls in an imaginative way is still very strong.

Thanks to new technologies, wallpaper has recently regained the spotlight, first and foremost with the role of furnishing stylishly and functionally.

Today’s wallpapers are made of innovative and resistant materials, are easy to install, fireproof, water-repellent but washable, and do not lose their colours over time even when exposed to direct light.

These technical features make them the perfect allies for decorating corners or individual walls of jewelry stores. They can be used as a furnishing element on empty walls, for partition walls or as a creative setting to fit hanging or wall-mounted display cabinets.

And on the style of the wallpaper, you're spoilt for choice.

The taste of the client and the atmosphere you want to create in your jewelry store orient us in the countless patterns, textures, shapes and colours that characterize the wallpapers.

Warm and sophisticated colours and quiet palettes in neutral shades, such as cream or ivory, make the setting precious and elegant. Patterns with rich and deep shades give an enveloping aesthetic experience. Rigorous geometries and three-dimensional shapes that recall optical art enrich the spaces, making them unique and original.

It is up to you to choose, up to us the pleasure of leading you on this journey...


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